Your Photos Made Into Vinyl Cut Stickers

Rejoice minivan rear windows, the days of cheesy stick figure stickers have come to an end. Now you can adorn your skateboard, laptop, minivan, whatever with custom vinyl cut stickers made from your photos.

Yeah, but How Mucho?

For the amazing low price of $25.00, our graphic designers will take your photo* and lovingly turn it into three 5 inch vinyl cut stickers that will be nothing less than cool or your money back. Order Here!!

*Visit our Making Cool Stickers Page for best photo practices

But Why?

Just think of the look on Grandma's face when you get her some cool stickers of Jr. for her Camaro. Or perhaps your laptop needs a face lift, or your wedding guests need a reminder of the special day. The options are endless! There's nothing tricker, slicker, or quicker than Your Face Stickers!

About Face

To get your own stickers, simply upload your photo via our simple order form. Once we receive your photo/payment our designers will convert your photo into 3 vinyl cut stickers that will be shipped (free in continental US) within four business days.

Order Now only $25

*If you are not happy with your stickers once you receive them you can return them for a full refund (less shipping).


About Us?

Your Face Stickers was started by two friends with two separate garages, one in Kansas City and the other in Los Angeles. We are here to help make you a tricker sticker, so if you have questions send us an email, call the hot line below or check out our sweet FAQs page.


phone:(816) 974-8078

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