Making Cool Stickers

Have Fun!

If you are shooting a selfie, go nuts, put on some shades, do your best duck face or rockstar snarl. Maybe a shot of your pet iguana "David" would be cool? Hey and older photos are great too, you know the one of you from high school with that hairdo, or the one of your friend at that wild party. You get the idea...

It's All About Your Photo

Faces make great photos, but some photos don’t make great stickers. Here are a few tips to consider when submitting your photo.

Try to give us a photo that's at least 2 MB large and consists mostly of the face you want converted to a sticker. (Think selfie).

Lighting is very important, choose photos that do not have shadows cast across them (especially the eyes).

Another key factor is contrast between your subject and the background. Try to have as much contrast as possible. Good idea, face against blue sky, bad idea curly haired dude photographed in front of a bush.

Here's some things we've noticed that make it really hard to make you a cool sticker,
hats that cast shadow across your subject's eyes, blurred or low-res images, and anything on the person's face that doesn't belong there (think smashed wedding cake, or kids with ice cream smeared on their cheeks).

On occasion we may ask you to re-submit a different photo if our graphic designers are not able to create a cool enough sticker with your original photo.

Follow these simple guidelines and you should end up with some very cool stickers!

Applying Your Face Sticker

Keep your stickers cool and dry.

When applying stickers avoid windy conditions.

Apply to clean dry surfaces.

Tack up your sticker (small piece of masking tape) to check if you are happy with the location. If it looks good, use a couple of pieces of masking tape (at sides) to help guide you when you go to apply.

Remove the opaque backing and aligned sticker to your masking tape applying at the middle first, then use a credit card or any type of rubber squeegee to press the sticker against the surface working from the center out in all directions.

Now slowly remove the transparent adhesive backing pulling in one direction.

Remove the guide tape, and then stand back and marvel at Your Face Sticker.

Removing: aka The Facelift

To remove sticker from glass surfaces we recommend a razor blade scraper.

To remove sticker for more delicate services, try using your fingernail and or a plastic scraper.

To remove any residual sticker residue, try a product like Goo Be Gone (follow manufacturers instructions).


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